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Intellectual Heritage II: IH 0852 (Sections 9/10); 0952 (Sections 8/87)

Source Scavenger Hunt: An assignment in 5 steps

Step 1 (30/50 pts)


Do a “media sweep” of your project idea to see what’s trending in relation to your contemporary issue (big mess). Provide a list of 8-10 articles (from journals, magazines, newspapers), websites or videos dated within the past five years that are concerned with your project.


Use the Contemporary Issues: Research (on the left-side) tab to find relevant research tools. General Sources provides research databases that cover multiple subject areas; Focused Sources provides subject-focused research databases; and Free Online Sources are sources available on the free web.

***Check out resources on Canvas on how to evaluate a source’s credibility, as well as here ***

Step 2 (25/50 pts)

Now find out who is already working on your issue? Check out their websites and any other articles/information you can find to see what they are doing, and with what measure of success. Identify three to five of these, and explain how your project differs, or what you can learn from their success/failure. In addition, identify two or three community partners who might fund or otherwise support your project, and list one or two campus entities/individuals you can approach for helping you transform your project into reality.

Step 3 (30/50 pts)

  1. Select five “sources” from all this research that powerfully informs your project. Two must be competitor’s projects/solutions, two must be secondary source commentary that addresses the big mess and the root cause related to your project (scholarly articles/books or major new media exposes) and one must be a secondary source that critiques your claim or offers a perspective/position different from your own.  
  2. Provide a brief summary of each source and a short explanation of how it fits into your original pitch. Follow the format here for an “annotated bibliography”:

Step 4 (25/50 pts)

Identify at least THREE M2 texts that you can use as a lens to examine your challenge, or to offer a solution. In other words…ask yourself: what would (insert author here) have to say about this challenge? Offer three direct quotations from each author that address the issue head on (you can look through the class discussion forum for this, and just cite the classmate who made the connection, if it didn’t come from your own post). Aim for a paragraph on each text (about 300 words each).


To aid your thinking on these texts and authors, refer to the Course Texts: Background Info tab for relevant library research databases to search.


Step 5 (10/25 pts)

Type up your findings, using each “step” as a header on your document, and submit a well-written, proofread document to Canvas by 4/6 at 11:59 pm. See template, below.