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Service Learning

This guide provides a variety of Service Learning resources for faculty, staff, students, and community members.

Service Learning Courses - College of Public Health

OT students and faculty deliver assistive technology devices to Inglis House, a disability care facility.This section lists service learning courses with credits (listed below in full with credits) or courses with some aspects of service learning within the College of Public Health. Additional service learning integration is in progress, so check the current year TU  Bulletin for changes and updates.

Temple has a long history of offering service-learning courses. Service-learning courses from other colleges will be added over time. These include: URBE 5515 (Urban Education). Service Learning and Community Development; EDUC 2224 (Education). Service Learning; and RUS 3201 (Russian language). Service Learning in Russian I. Historically, Temple designated Service Learning courses.


Image source:  Despite COVID challenges, OT students create and deliver adaptive devices.

Course  OTHR 5123. Occupational Therapy Practice: Assistive Technology.


School of Social Work

Other College of Public Health Departments

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

Occupational Therapy

Recreational Therapy

  • Public Health Without Borders, taught by Dr. Graciela Jaschek in EPIBIO (partially met... “students complete projects in the community but they are all centered in community observations (environmental scan and community mapping), a one-on-one interview with a community member and an educational flyer to be posted at a community business or church,” according to Dr. Jaschek)
  • Fieldwork projects with community organizations (taught by Dr. Krys Johnson in EPIBIO, faculty member in SBS, and faculty member in HSAP)
  • Program Planning course, taught by Dr. Annie Frankel in SBS (“partners with an agency every semester)

Sevice-Learning Activities at Temple University

students vaccinationg a senior citizen

Prevention Point Vaccine Clinic

Temple University Press Publications

Temple University Press has published several service learning and community engagement books. In additional to those listed below, a handbook for faculty, staff and graduate students on meaningful, authentic community engagement and service learning is underway and when published, will be posted here.