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Service Learning

This guide provides a variety of Service Learning resources for faculty, staff, students, and community members.

Service Learning and Related Journals

Practice and research materials on service learning are more likely to be published in journals dedicated to service learning, experiential learning or community engagement.

Access via Temple Journals:  These journals can be accessed with TU AccessNet ID are onsite at Temple Libraries. Those that are open access are also included in the Open Access Journals section. General education and subject-based education journals, such as the Chronicle of Higher Education and Journal of Nursing Education, also publish service learning content, but are not listed here.

Access via Temple Journals

Open Access (free to read) Journals

Open Access means there is an open license, most commonly a Creative Commons license that allows the content to be access, read and copy for free. Some allow for changes and sharing of modified versions, and are then referred to as Open Educational Resources (OER). Some archives of publications that have ceased are also included as reference.

Service Learning

Related journals that may have service-learning contents

Browzine: Browse and read scholarly journals

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  • Access both Temple library subscribed journals and open access journals.

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Note:  You can use BrowZine without having an account.  You can browse the shelves, look up titles, read tables of contents, and download articles.  Having an account lets us personalize My Bookshelf and My Articles.

Conferences and Proceedings


This is a sample of conferences that have been ongoing on service learning or related to service learning. Additional conferences can be searched using the library Pivot database, searching relevant association and organization websites, and conducting an internet search.

Conference Proceedings

The above listed conference sites may post conference proceedings and resources.  Filters can also be used in Library Search, Proquest, ERIC, PubMed and Web of Science to select conference proceedings.  They can also be searched through Library Search and Google Scholar.