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Service Learning

This guide provides a variety of Service Learning resources for faculty, staff, students, and community members.

Faculty Guides from Academic Centers

There are many University and community college centers and library resource guides for service learning.  A few are highlighted below as they contain many practical resources for faculty to get started and grow their work, including object settings and planning, design and examples, logistics, strategies, pitfalls, toolkit, peer learning and other resources.

Curriculum Resources

Handbooks and Manuals

Additional guides are listed on the Practicing Service Learning. Use Library Search to find books listed in Advances in Service Learning Research Book Series, published by Information Age Publishing.

Equity, Social Change, and Service Learning

Education Database Search Results

The databases and web portals below are best bets for searching for teaching service-learning resources. Non-government sources require TU AccessNet ID for remote access. The second link underneath the database opens to search results with "service learning" and filters applied for contents relevant to teaching. Other database and resources are listed on the Research/Publishing page.

Notes:  ERIC stands for Education Resources Information Center. ERIC indexed sources can also be searched via ProQuest and EBSCOhost.