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Social Welfare Policies and Services II: SSW 5006

Library and other research resources for students in SSW 5006, Social Welfare Policy and Services II

Identify Elected Officials

Identify Stakeholders

Stakeholders may be grouped in different ways, depending on the issue.  For example, they could be grouped into stakeholders starting with the letter "p':

  1. persons and the public (e.g., patients, their caregivers, families, and patient and consumer advocacy organizations)
  2. providers (individuals/organizations that provide care, e.g., nurses, physicians, pharmacists, mental health counselors, community-based workers),
  3. payers (pays for or reimburses for health-related interventions, e.g., insurers, individuals with deductibles, others responsible for reimbursement for health-related interventions),
  4. purchasers (e.g., employers, self-insured, governments, and other entities responsible for underwriting the cost of care),
  5. policymakers (policymaking entities such as governments and professional associations),
  6. product makers (e.g., drug/device manufacturers),
  7. principal investigators (e.g., researchers), and
  8. the press (e.g., publishers, news media).
    Source: Protocol for the development of guidance for stakeholder engagement in health and healthcare guideline development and implementation. DOI: 10.1186/s13643-020-1272-5