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Pennsylvania Dockets


Pennsylvania's trial courts are the Courts of Common Pleas (CCPs), which are divided into 60 judicial districts.  CCPs hear major civil and criminal cases. as well as appeals from minor courts.

In most cases, the judicial district has the same boundaries as the county in which it is located, but sometimes two counties with smaller populations are combined into a single judicial district.

Judicial districts are numbered, but most people refer to them by the county name rather than the number.

The CCP criminal court dockets and documents are overseen by the county Clerks of Courts.  Each Pennsylvania county has a Clerk of Courts.  The Pennsylvania Unified Judicial System lists the county Clerks of Courts here.  The county Clerk of Courts' office is the best place to contact for additional information on how to obtain CCP criminal dockets and court documents.

Court of Common Pleas Criminal Dockets

The Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania has dockets for Court of Common Pleas criminal cases available here.  These dockets do not link to court documents, and Court of Common Pleas criminal court documents are not available from the Unified Judicial System website.

Information about coverage dates for individual counties' information is on this chart.