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Religion in Philadelphia: REL 0876 / HIST 0876: Suggested Readings

Suggested Readings from Religion in Philadelphia

The readings below come from the "Suggested Readings" at the end of each section in Religion in Philadelphia, edited by Elizabeth Hayes Alvarez (Temple University Press: 2016).

Section 1: Religion and the City

Section 2: Lenni Lenape

Section 3: William Penn and the Quakers

Section 4: Religious Life in Colonial Philadelphia

Section 5: Jewish Philadelphia

No Additional Readings

Section 6: Catholic Philadelphia

Section 8: Philadelphia Sports and Religion

Section 9: Religion and Civil Rights

Section 10: Islam in Philadelphia

Section 11: Religious Communities in Philadelphia Today

No Additional Readings

Section 12: Religious Freedom

(Not listed in the Religion in Philadelphia.)

Section 13: Temple University

No Additional Readings