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Religion in Philadelphia: REL 0876 / HIST 0876: Evaluate a Scholarly Article

Evaluate a Scholarly Article

One of the goals of GenEd courses is to introduce you to academic research using the specialized tools and sources made available at the Library. The debates, controversies, and conversations surrounding a topic within a discipline - in this case, Religion in Philadelphia - can be found in many different types of sources, such as newspapers, magazines, journals, and web sites. The more familiar you are with the research tools and sources of academic research, the better you will able to fulfill the requirements of higher level courses in your selected major. In this assignment we are asking you to find and evaluate a scholarly article.

The goals of this information literacy assignment are to:

  1. Search research databases efficiently
  2. Use a research database to learn about a topic and select an article
  3. Evaluate and critically analyze a scholarly article
  4. Demonstrate the connection between the scholarly article and themes in your course
  5. Cite a scholarly article in a commonly used academic format

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