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Temple is a member of the Inter-University Consortium of Political and Social Research (ICPSR), an international research and educational consortium that maintains the ICSPR archive of social and behavioral research data.

What is ICPSR?

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ICPSR is an international research, education, and archiving consortium, hosted at the University of Michigan. The ICPSR data repository is immense and includes over fifty years of clean, well-documented, professionally curated social science and interdisciplinary data for use in secondary data analysis and in teaching.

Temple researchers can share research data in ICPSR to satisfy publisher and funder requirements. ICPSR is a CoreTrustSeal certified repository and can host restricted-access sensitive data.

ICPSR sponsors educational and community-building programming throughout the year, including its Summer Program in Quantitative Methods.

Temple University is an ICPSR member and has access to all ICPSR data. Temple affiliates also qualify for discounts on the summer program and other educational offerings.

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