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Using REDCap

How to use REDCap for collecting clinical data.

Data Entry

If you are not using surveys in your project, another way to collect data is through direct data entry. This method can be used to input data into your REDCap project by the research team, or record data that was collected on paper or on another digital data collection system. You can do this by adding and editing records manually, or importing data with the Data Import Tool.


Add/Edit Records

To add a new record or edit an existing record, click on the Add/Edit Record link on the left-hand menu.


Then click on the Add Record button to add a new record.


To Edit an existing record, click on the dropdown and choose the record you want to edit.

You can also add and edit records from the Record Status Dashboard.


Once you have a new record, you can add data for a record by clicking on the circle across from each corresponding instrument, and below each event.