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Using REDCap

How to use REDCap for collecting clinical data.

What is REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture)?


REDCap is a useful, flexible, and secure online system for collecting and storing clinical data that is widely used throughout the world by researchers, particularly in the health sciences and other fields that deal with personal health information. 



Why Use REDCap?

Why Use REDCap?


With REDCap, users can design surveys for study participants to fill out, and/or enter data themselves. Designed to both protect data privacy and integrity, REDCap might not be the simplest and most user-friendly way to gather clinical data, but it is secure, HIPAA-compliant, customizable, and compliant with IRB mandates. You should consider using REDCap if you are:

  • Using online surveys to collect clinical data

  • Collecting Personal Health Information

  • Need to store clinical research data in a secure environment

  • Collaborating with other researchers

  • Collecting longitudinal survey data


Get a REDCap Account

Instructions on signing up for an account:


- To get a REDCap account if you are at the Health Sciences Campus:

You can find information on how to do so here.

If you a Temple University Health System employee and have a tuhs email ( you should be able to login here: using your normal credentials.

If you have a temple email ( you will need to email Alice Livshits or contact Will Dean to request access to REDCap. Please explain why you need access and the nature of your research when requesting access.


- To get a REDCap account if you are on Main Campus:

The College of Public Health (CPH) operates another REDCap instance for researchers that are part of CPH and some other departments and schools (CLA, for instance). 

To get an account on the CPH iteration of REDCap please email


- To get a REDCap account if you are at Fox Chase Cancer Center:

The FCCC REDCap is available to staff at FCCC and TUHS at If you have any REDCap questions, please email


In addition to the tips and walkthroughs here, below are a number of other useful guides.

Videos from Project REDCap

How-to: Calculated Fields (pdf)

Basic Users Guide from Vanderbilt (skip sections specific to Vanderbilt systems and support)

Basic Users Guide from UChicago (skip sections specific to UChicago systems and support)


Get Research Help

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Suggest a New Feature

If you have an idea for a new feature to suggest to REDCap, please fill out this form.