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Using REDCap

How to use REDCap for collecting clinical data.

Using Surveys in REDCap

Surveys are one of the main functions of REDCap and allow users to easily collect a variety of data from study participants. REDCap's survey functionality lets users send out surveys at particular times, to particular groups,

Enabling Surveys

To begin using surveys in your REDCap project, you will first need to enable surveys in your project. From the 'Project Setup tab, click the 'Enable' button next to 'Use surveys in this project?' (highlighted in the image below)


After enabling surveys in your project, you will need to enable each instrument you want to use as a survey. Go to the 'Online Designer' page (there is a link in the 'Desgn your data collection instruments & enable your surveys' box). Each instrument has a column called 'Enabled as survey' and you click on the 'Enable' button in that column to enable it as a survey (highlighted in the image below). Clicking that will take you to the 'Modify survey settings' page.

You will have to click 'Save Changes' to finalize your instrument as a survey. If you want to change the design or other options of your survey, please see the next section, 'Survey Design.'

Survey Design

When you enable an instrument as a survey, or adjust the Survey settings (by clicking on that button in the Online Designer), you will be taken to the 'Modify survey settings' tab.

Displaying A Survey by Sections

In Survey Settings you can change the look of your survey and control a variety of other options. For instance, you can choose to make your survey appear as a series of different webpages by creating fields in the survey that are New Sections and then selecting the option seen below under Survey Customizations for how the questions are displayed.


Turning a Survey Off

If you click on the green icon in the "Enabled as survey" column, it will take you to the Modify survey settings tab the top row should say "Survey Status" and have a dropdown with the options Survey Active and Survey Offline. If you choose Survey Offline the survey will no longer be open to the public. But make sure you save the changes!


You will have to do this for each instrument individually though.