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Program Planning (Graduate): SBS 5002

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Why us APA?

Why use APA? The American Psychological Association (APA) Style Guide is the field standard for public health. Therefore, during your graduate program you will be asked to use APA to identify your sources of scientific information (otherwise known as "citing"). Citations serve two purposes: first, they allow for your reader to find the same resource you used so that it can inform their own work, and second, it protects you from plagiarism by giving credit to authors of important scientific work. Conveniently, APA also offers guidelines for how to arrange your paper (margins, spacing, font, even titles and subtitles), so we'll often ask you to follow these guidelines as well. Check out the resources below.

Managing your Citations

APA Style Guide

Use our guide on APA style and resources for 7th edition (with some archived 6th edition information).