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Library Resources in Canvas

A guide for instructors about embedding library resources in Canvas courses

What is the Library link in Canvas?

Close up of the Library button in a Canvas courseCanvas courses at Temple have a Library link on the left-side navigation menu. 

Having library resources in Canvas helps students build research skills. The Library link brings these resources to your students, automatically.

In most courses, the Library link highlights commonly sought information and tools such as library building and service hours, Library Search, and how to get help from a librarian.

In courses where a subject librarian has created a custom library research guide for a course, the Library link will automatically show that guide. (To request a guide be created for your course, contact your subject librarian.)

Please submit feedback to us about the Library link in Canvas.

Learn about the Library link

How to request the Library link show a different library guide

  • Note the Canvas course ID for your course:
    • At the bottom of the left-hand navigation menu, select “Settings”
    • In the Course Details tab, copy the SIS ID
  • Choose the library Research Guide that you want the Library link to show
  • Email the Canvas course ID and the preferred Research Guide to us at

How to remove the Library link

  • Click on the Canvas course
  • At the bottom of the left-hand navigation menu, select “Settings”
  • Click on the “Navigation” tab
  • Find Library in the list of navigation items and click the dots on the right side
  • Choose "Disable"
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save
  • The Library link should be removed from your navigation menu