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Library Resources in Canvas

A guide for instructors about embedding library resources in Canvas courses

Embedding interactive tutorials in your course

Get students started with research by embedding our interactive tutorials in your course. You can assign tutorials as mandatory or optional assignments to incentivize student participation.

Importing Library Resources from Canvas Commons


  1. Once logged into Canvas, select Commons from the global navigation column on the left. 
    Note: Your global navigation bar may be collapsed, so it may not say the word “Commons.” Instead, select the icon.
    If you have not used Canvas Commons before, you may need to agree to the terms of use before accessing.
    "Commons" button from Canvas Global Navigation menu
  1. You can filter resource results by Type (course, module, assignment, etc.), Grade/Levels, and Shared With. Select Shared With: Temple University to view resources shared within the university.
    Canvas Commons Search and Filter options
    Canvas Commons Filter option: Shared With "Temple University"

  2. In the Search box, enter “library” to find all resources with this keyword tag.
    Library resources search results in Canvas Commons

  3. From the resource page, click Import/Download.
    Import/Download resource from Canvas Commons

  4. Enter your course’s name or select it from the list, and then select Import into Course.
    Note: You can import into multiple courses at a time by selecting the checkbox for each course.
    Select course to import resource to

  5. A notification of the successful import will display.
    Import from Canvas Commons successful

  6. The resource will now appear in your course assignments, where you can edit and customize as you see fit (including setting the due date).

Note: To ensure you are using the latest version, import each resource directly to your course(s) from Canvas Commons each semester.

For additional information regarding Canvas Commons, refer to the Canvas guide.

Additional Information

  • The assignment includes access information and best practices for students.

  • By default, each tutorial assignment is:

    • Set to 10 points.

    • The grade is displayed as Complete/Incomplete.

    • There is no due date set.

Once imported to your course, feel free to update the assignment details to meet your needs.

  • Ensure that the content is published in order for students to access.

  • The assignment links directly to the Gradebook.       

    • Students that have not completed the module will be indicated with a dash in the grade column.
      Canvas Grades tracking - "Dash" for incomplete

    • Students that have completed the module will be indicated with a checkmark.
      Canvas Grades tracking - "Check" for complete

  • The student view in Assignments also indicates if the module has been completed.

    • Incomplete:
      Canvas Grades tracking - "Dash" for incomplete

    • Completed:
      Canvas Grades tracking - "50/50 pts" for complete

  • Students that do not complete the module in one sitting should be prompted to resume their progress upon return:
    Prompt from tutorial module asking "Would you like to resume where you left off?"