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Qualitative Data Analysis and QDA Tools

Information for Temple students, researchers, and instructors interested in conducting qualitative data analysis


QualCoder tutorial

Installing QualCoder codes from GitHub to PC with Windows OS

QualCoder 3.1 (and 3.2) Tutorial by the Developer

The developer also demonstrates features of  QualCoder 3.2 in the video.

Temple University Libraries QualCoder Workshop using QualCoder 3.3 Codes

Notes:  The QualCoder software version demonstrated was downloaded from QualCoder source code before March 2, 2023. Since then, there has been an update to the source code, and importing references and survey is now done under Files and Cases rather than under Project.  Within Help, there is a list of keyboard shortcuts.

Workshop Content

 Why use QualCoder?   4:11  

Ten QualCoder Features   5:53  

Program versions and Installation   6:47  

Running QualCoder on Windows   9:50  

1. Controls: Navigation, Menus, Terms and Functions   10:33  

2. Customize Settings and Create a New Project   19:00  

3. Collect and Curate Content   21:19 

4. Create Journals and Memos   28:20  

5. Classify and Link Cases & Attributes   28:50  

6. Code and Categorize   36:02 

7. Comment and Annotate   40:50 

8. Communicate and Analyze   44:25   Graph   49:34  

9. Collaborate and Compare Coders   51:07  

10. Convert to/from other QDA tools   51:21  

Caveats: Why not use QualCoder?   53:05