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Zotero at Temple

Ways to quickly add sources

Adding Items to Zotero  provides detailed explanations on how to bring in different sources to your Zotero program.  Below, are steps for three common and easy ways.

Use the Zotero Connector to download records to Zotero.

  1. Click on the browser plugin 
  2. Select records 
  3. Click OK.

Zotero Connector

Use the database Export option to download records to Zotero.

  1. Click on an individual record or create a list of records.
  2. Click on the Export button.
  3. Select the option for RIS file.
  4. In Zotero, click on File in the upper left, and in "Where do you want to import", select import, then "A file..."
  5. Zotero searches your computer, most likely your Download folder. Select the file and open.
  6. Select "Copy files to the Zotero Storage folder".
  7. Look for the folder under My Library and rename it if you want.


Use Library Lookup to find PDFs online