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Zotero Groups

With groups, you can collaborate remotely with project members, set up web-based bibliographies, and more.

  • Share your own work or sources you have discovered with others who are working in related areas
  • Collaborate with colleagues, publicly or privately, on ongoing research and project
  • Discover other people with similar interests and the sources they are citing
  • Search for a Group Library with references and sources on a subject
  • Sync your online groups and your local desktop Zotero

For more information, open Video Introduction to Zotero Groups
Note: Video may only appear for a user who has not registered for a Zotero account or created or joined a group.

You must register for a Zotero account to create and join a group.

Creating and Joining a Group

First, if you have not done so, set up Zotero sync and synchronize your local library.  This set up is optional as you may prefer to use only the web library.  You must login to your Zotero account  to work with groups because the actions are done online.

Create a shared Group Library

  1. Go to Create a New Group or from the opened Zotero program, click the New Library icon Zotero Library Folder icon
    This icon is a brown colored folder with a green plus sign.
  1. Select New Group. Name the group and select a group type and click "Create Group."  You can change group type later.
    • Groups may be public (searchable, and anyone can join (open) or be invited (closed)).  Files cannot be shared.
    • Private (only searchable by members, who must be invited to join).  Files can be shared.
      Name group
  2. Select viewing and editing permission and save your settings.
  3. Look under the online Groups tab to view your groups or click on your name at the very top to go to your profile page. Groups will be listed under your profile image.
  4. On your Zotero program screen, the new group will be listed under Group Libraries.   You may need to close and reopen Zotero to see the new group.
  5. MyLibrary and Group Libraries are separate.  Changes made to items in one library do not affect the other. You can drag items back and forth in the two libraries to copy items. You can add contents to the Group Libraries in the same ways you add them to MyLibrary.
    Files stored in the Group Library will count towards the owner of the Group Library.

Inviting Members to your groups

  1. Select the group name under the Groups tab (online) or double click on the group name from your Zotero program.
    manage members
  2. Select Manage Members and then Members Settings.

  3. Select Send More Invitations.  Invite a member by entering an email or, if known, the Zotero user name.

Search and join an existing Zotero Group and add the group library.

  1. Under the online Groups tab, click Search for Groups.

  2. Enter your search terms.

  3. Select the group to open the group page.  Click Join.

    • Public, Open groups can be joined without being invited by the group’s owner. 
    • For other groups, click "Join" and check your inbox or email.
  4. For public, open Groups, you can click on "Group Library" to add and sync the library and its content.


Zotero Group Libraries Tutorial