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Intellectual Property

Resources for researching copyright, trademark, patent, and trade secrets law.

Research Guides

  • Intellectual Property Basics Research Guide (open access)
    Harvard Law Library's IP research guide contains sections on copyright, patent, and trademark law.  It lists primary and secondary sources, as well as linking to websites and webpages for blogs and government and educational organizations.  The guide organizes resources by depth level, not type, to facilitate a quicker general understanding of IP law.

  • University of New Hampshire Law Library IP Research Guides (open access)
    Jon Cavicchi, a professor and librarian at UNH School of Law, has compiled dozens of intellectual property research PowerPoint presentations on topics ranging from the general (trademarks, copyright) to the specific (IP crimes, international patent searching).  He also has compiled a text Copyright Research Guide listing extensive print and internet resources.

  • Georgetown Law Library Research Guides (open access)
    Georgetown Law Library's IP research guides include primary and secondary sources, government resources, and links to websites for related associations, organizations, and blogs:

  • George Washington Jacob Burns Law Library Research Guides (open access)
    These research guides include primary and secondary sources, links to websites and webpages for government and educational organizations, blogs, and tips for research:

  • International Intellectual Property Law, by Jonathan Franklin, American Society of International Law (open access)
    Though last updated in 2013, this guide remains an excellent resource for finding organizations and websites with international IP materials.  Topics include international agreements, national legislation and decisions, and specialized areas such as public health and agriculture.

Additional Secondary Sources

  • Intellectual Property: The Law of Copyrights, Patents and Trademarks, by Roger E. Schechter & John R. Thomas (Temple Law access, via West Academic)
    This hornbook covers major IP law principles, but has not been updated since 2003 (West currently focuses on its "Concise Hornbook" series).

  • Intellectual Property & Antitrust Law, by William C. Holmes (Temple Law access, via Westlaw)
    This text provides extensive explanations of the different IP law fields, as well as providing information on antitrust laws..

  • Milgrim on Licensing, by Roger M. Milgrim & Eric E. Benson (Temple Law access, via Lexis)
    This treatise contains an overview of patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret law; evaluates trade regulation considerations (such as antitrust); and details prelicense and licensing processes.  Forms for various licenses and agreements are included.

  • PLI Plus (Temple Law access)
    This is the Practicing Law Institute’s online database for PLI treatises, course handbooks, answer books, and legal forms.  Materials generally are practitioner-focused and cover specialized topics.  Over 2,000 intellectual property resources are listed.

  • HeinOnline Intellectual Property Law Collection (Temple Law access)
    Hein's IP collection includes books, legislative histories, most-cited law review articles, the Trademark and Patent Manuals of Examining Procedure, periodicals, federal agency decisions, and more.

Additional Government Websites