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Paley Library: Placing Hard Copy Books, e-books, Chapters and Articles On Reserve

Course Reserve Guidelines and Limitations

Instructors can place books, e-books, chapters and articles on course reserves.

Books can have a 2 hr or 4 hr Library Use Only loan period or a 1 day or 3 day overnight loan period.

The library will not purchase e-books for course reserves, but will link to e-books we already own. Usage restrictions may apply.

Journal articles and book chapters are placed on electronic reserve, via a weblink or pdf. Reserves staff run text recognition on pdfs via Adobe, however, to ensure full ADA compliance you must contact Disability Resources and Services and the Center for the Advancement of Teaching.

Instructors' personal copies of books may be placed on reserve. These items will be marked with labels and barcodes and will probably sustain more than your average wear and tear. It should be noted that while the library makes every effort to ensure that instructors' personal books are not stolen or damaged, this does sometimes happen. Temple University Libraries cannot be responsible for the replacement or compensation of lost or damaged material.

For copyright reasons we cannot place course packs, photocopies of pages from workbooks or compilations of photocopied readings on reserve.  Instructors may place compilations of their own lecture notes and examinations on reserve, provided they are the owners of the copyright for these materials.

Activating you Course and Submitting Course Reserve Requests

To access Ares Course Reserves, log into Blackboard. Find the course you would like to link to Ares under My Courses. All Banner-issued Blackboard courses are automatically created in the new Blackboard cloud hosted environment 4 weeks prior to the start date of the semester.  If you don't see your course, or if you need any further assistance with Blackboard, please contact the Center for the Advancement of Teaching (formerly known as the Instructional Support Center) at 215-204-0789 or

Create a Course Reserves link on your course menu. Make sure that Edit mode is on before completing these steps. Click on Add Menu Item (the + sign on the upper left corner of the Course Menu). Name the link Course Reserves. Choose Ares Course Reserves in the dropdown menu of the Type box. Check the Available to Users box. Click on the Course Reserves link to connect to your Ares homepage, thus activating you course and making it possible for Reserves staff to receive your requests.

On this screen you can subscribe to email notifications. You will receive a message each time an item is made available. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Under the Instructor Course Tools menu you will find various options. Switch to Student Mode allows you to view your course as a student. Under Add new or import previous reserve items you can request new items or import items from a course you taught previously in Ares.

*If you want to use material from a course that you taught prior to Summer 2013, when we began using Ares, please contact us at 215-204-0744 or, as we do have archives of these materials.

Reserve item usage will only show usage statistics for electronic reserves. Please contact us for book circulation statistics.

Please note: Requests are processed on a first come, first served basis. Instructors need to place their requests as soon as possible before the beginning of the semester to ensure timely processing. Delays in processing should be considered for items not owned by Temple Libraries.

Removing items from Reserve

Items are automatically removed from reserve at the end of each semester.

Physical items owned by the University Libraries are returned to the stacks. Personal copies can be returned to instructors through interoffice mail or picked up from the Circulation Desk.

Electronic reserves can still be accessed by the instructor through the previous courses option under Instructor tools on the Ares homepage. Students will not be able to view e-reserves after the end of the semester.

Please direct all questions about hard copy book, e-book, chapter and article reserves to 215 204-0744 or by emailing

Paley Library: Placing Media Services items on Reserve

Course Reserve Guidelines and Limitations

Instructors can place films or other non-print materials on reserve at Paley Library's Media Services desk, located on the ground floor. 

The library will attempt to acquire copies of required viewings.  It can take several months to order and process new items, so please plan accordingly.  Also, please be aware that films go out-of-print and rights issues may prevent films from being available.

Instructors may place personal copies of films on reserve, provided that the copy complies with copyright law.  Personal films are labeled and barcoded and may sustain wear and tear.  While the libraries make every effort to ensure the safety of instructors' personal copies, we are not responsible for replacement or compensation if theft or damage should occur.

Students will be allowed 4 hr Library Use Only checkouts of these items. 

Viewing stations for VHS and DVD (including PAL and international formats) are available in Media Services. 

Please direct all questions about media reserves to